We have 3 different-sized runs depending on your dog’s needs. Each dog has its own privacy with concrete walls between each run. Our facility also has radiant heat and air conditioning to keep your pet comfortable in all seasons. If you have multiple pets, they can be housed in the same run. In addition, we have a vinyl fenced in area for your pet to get exercise and take their potty breaks.


We can administer medications also at no additional cost. All dogs must be current on Rabies, parvo/distemper and bordetella. We keep your dog's veterinarian on file in case your pet needs medical attention during their stay.


Things to bring for their stay include: food, medications, toys, chewies, treats and beds or blankets.



  • $25 per day for 1 dog
  • $30 per day for 2 dogs (same run)
  • $35 per day for 3 or more dogs (same run)


Our grooming facility is open 6 days a week Mon-Sat. We provide combouts, clips and toenail trims. From your pups first grooming to your elderly dog’s special needs we can help make it a pleasant experience. We have a variety of shampoos to fit your dog’s needs or you can bring your own prescribed medicated shampoo if your dog has special skin problems. Grooming is by appointment only so don't forget to book your grooming when you book your reservation. Prices vary depending on breed, size and what you would like done. All prices do include haircut/ comb-out, toenail trim, bath and external anal expression.


Here at Jagers' Pet Grooming we offer daycare daily or for our dogs staying with us for an additional cost. Daycare provides your dog with socialization, exercise and mental stimulation. Dogs are placed in supervised play groups and must pass an evaluation before entering. We do offer an hour of individual play time for those dogs who can't be in play groups, for an additional cost.



  • Daily 4 hours - $17
  • Daily 8 hours - $22
  • With boarding 4 hours - $10
  • With boarding 8 hours - $17
  • Individual 1 hour - $10